Performance Tuning the OpenJDK Garbage Collectors

Autor(es) Charlie Hunt
Coordenação de mesa Leandro Nunes <leandro em rsjug.org>
Macrotema Desenvolvimento: Java
Horário 26/06/2009, 15:00/16:00, fisl2 - 41A
Publico Alvo Java developers, Java systems engineers, Java support engineers, Java application deployment engineers, system administrators and generally anyone works with Java applications.

This lecture provides information on how to performance tune the garbage collectors available in OpenJDK\'s Java Virtual Machine so that users of OpenJDK can maximize Java application performance.

Charlie Hunt

Charlie Hunt is a Java Performance Engineer working on OpenJDK, an open source GPL licensed Java and Java Virtual Machine implementation from Sun Microsystems. He has been working with Java for over 10 years and is recognized world wide as a Java performance expert. He is currently co-authoring a book called \"Java Performance\". He has been a speaker at previous FISL conferences and is known by many software developers in Brazil through various presentations he has given to Java User Groups in many Brazilian cities.

He is also active in several open source communities including NetBeans where he was elected several times to the NetBeans Governance Board. NetBeans is a very popular open source GPL licensed Java IDE. He has done many NetBeans presentations to many Brazilian Java User Groups and Brazilian companies. He is a co-author of two editions of the NetBeans IDE Field Guide book.

Charlie is also a co-project owner of the rapidly growing open source community called Project Grizzly. Grizzly is an open source community which offers software developers and companies a solution to rapidly build scalable and high performance client / server systems.