Open Source Identity Services with OpenSSO

Autor(es) Pat Patterson
Coordenação de mesa Enrique Verdes <emverdes em ieee.org>
Macrotema Desenvolvimento: Ferramentas,Metodologia
Horário 26/06/2009, 09:00/10:00, fisl10 - 40T
Publico Alvo Developers and Architects

With over 1 million lines of code, 1000 project members and 100 committers, OpenSSO is the leading open source web access management project, and the power behind Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0. Discover how to use OpenSSO\'s identity services to secure your applications.

Pat Patterson

Pat Patterson is a principal engineer at Sun Microsystems, core committer on the OpenSSO project and community lead for open source identity projects at Sun. Pat has been working on Internet security and identity management since 1997, moving up through the stack from Java cryptography to federated identity. Pat speaks regularly at events such as JavaOne, Javapolis and the RSA Conference.