Scaling the Identity Store with OpenDS

Autor(es) Ludovic Poitou
Coordenação de mesa Diego Kreutz <diego em unipampa.edu.br>
Macrotema Administração de Sistemas
Horário 26/06/2009, 11:00/12:00, fisl2 - 41A
Publico Alvo This session is intended for System Administrators and Solution developers looking at cost effective ways to manage their users\' identities and profiles.

OpenDS is a new generation of LDAPv3 directory service, leveraging the Java platform, that provides high performance data store services. It can be used embedded in application, in multi-masters replicated and highly available topologies or even leverage fault tolerant, always on MySQL Cluster databases.

Ludovic Poitou

Ludovic Poitou is the OpenDS community manager and a directory services architect at Sun Microsystems. Ludo has been involved with directory services since 1991 and has been developing Sun's directory products since 1995. Mr Poitou is a regular presenter of LDAP, directory services, and OpenDS at JavaOne, Sun CEC, Jazoon, LDAPCon, and other key forums. He also actively contributed to the development of LDAP standards at IETF and participated in the Directory Interoperability Forum of The Open Group. Ludo blogs on the subject of LDAP and directory services on http:/blogs.sun.com/Ludo/.