8 Rules for Designing More Secure Applications with MySQL

Autor(es) Augusto Bott
Nick Westerlund
Coordenação de mesa Lucas Souza Fernandes <lucas.souza.fernandes em gmail.com>
Macrotema Gerenciamento de Dados: SGBDs
Horário 25/06/2009, 17:00/18:00, fisl3 - 41B
Publico Alvo Application developers, software architects, DBAs, enthusiasts.

In this session we\'ll present 8 simple rules to help you focus on designing more secure applications. We hope that at the end of this session, the attendees will be presented to a number of simple techniques to build applications secure by design. We\'re not security experts: we\'re paranoid architects.

Augusto Bott

Augusto Bott came to The Pythian Group from his native Brazil and rose to Team Lead in only a few months.

Augusto draws on more than a dozen years of professional IT experience, having had highly successful engagements involving database and systems administration, IT management, and training, including a position as Senior DBA and IT Manager for Catho Online, Latin America’s leading human resources website.

Leading one of Pythian’s MySQL-focused teams from Pythian’s office in Porto Allegre, Brazil, Augusto brings to the Pythian Symphony a forte in capacity planning, distributed computing, and team management. He also shares his extensive knowledge as one of Pythian’s most read bloggers.

Augusto is a MySQL Certified DBA and a MySQL Certified Cluster Administrator.

Nick Westerlund

A Sr. MySQL DBA, currently working for The Pythian Group, before joining Pythian Nick was working for a high-tech holding company in Los Angeles, CA, focusing on database design and operations for all daughter companies. He also brings loads of startup experience to the table as he once helped to start a Company which was sold 3 years later. Nick is a Certified MySQL Cluster Administrator and organizes the Malta MySQL User Group.