(SC) ClamAV Signatures Unveiled

Autor(es) Tomasz Kojm
Coordenação de mesa Ulisses Castro <uss.thebug em gmail.com>
Macrotema Segurança
Horário 27/06/2009, 14:00/15:00, fisl8 - 32A
27/06/2009, 15:00/16:00, fisl8 - 32A
Publico Alvo

This practical training will focus on the virus detection mechanisms in ClamAV. Tomasz Kojm will present the most important signature types and how to optimally handle them. Step by step instructions will be provided on various examples.The participants are encouraged to bring their laptops and follow the excercises together with Tomasz!

Tomasz Kojm

Tomasz Kojm has been working in or researching computer security for more than 10 years now. He\'s the original author of the popular antivirus system ClamAV, which is freely available under the GNU GPL license and currently installed on two million network servers. Since two years he\'s working for Sourcefire, which is known for its Snort intrusion detection and prevention technology.