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The Workshop on Free Software (WSL, "Workshop de Software Livre" in Portuguese) is an annual academic and scientific event that integrates the International Free Software Forum - FISL - and takes place since 2000, in the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. In its 10th edition, the WSL continues aligned with the objectives of the FISL, offering an opportunity for teachers, researchers, students and other professionals to show their scientific work, developed in their research centers, companies or universities using or producing Free Software.

April 23, 2009: Deadline for submission
May 11, 2009: Notification of acceptance
May 18, 2009: Deadline for submission of finalized papers

All articles must be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish.
Articles must be six pages long at maximum, including abstract, figures and bibliographic references.
The text formatting must be according to the model provided by SBC (Brazilian Computing Society, "Sociedade Brasileira de Computação"), available at:
In the first version of the paper, submitted for evaluation, all identification of the authors or their institutions must be REMOVED, allowing a "double-blind" revision process.
Submissions must be made in Postscript format (use Generic Postscript) or PDF (Portable Document Format).
Submissions must be made exclusively in digital format, through URL to be divulged soon. Authors must identify themselves ONLY in the submission form, but NOT on the submitted article.
If this is your first time participating, check the tips for authors page.

Authors are invited to submit original articles that verse on concluded work or works in progress, related to research, or cases involving Free Software. The main topics of interest include (but are not restricted to) the use or development of Free Software in the following areas:

Computer Graphics
Mobile, Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing
Software Engineering
Project Management
Informatics on education
Multimedia and digital television
Distributed/parallel computing
Computer networks
Component based systems
Basic software and operational systems

Articles will be reviewed by a team of reviewers that act on the areas listed above, considering technical merit and relevance of the paper for the event.All accepted articles will be published in the conference's annals. At least one author of each selected article must inscribe and come to the event to present the article.

Celso Maciel da Costa (PUCRS)
celso DOT costa AT pucrs DOT br

Andrea Schwertner Charão (UFSM)
andrea AT inf DOT ufsm DOT br


Adenauer Corrêa Yamin (UCPel e UFPel)
Alba Melo (UnB)
Alexandre Ribeiro (UCS)
Alfredo Goldman (IME-USP)
André Detsch (IBM e
André Leon Sampaio Gradvohl (CENAPAD-SP e USF)
Andrea Schwertner Charão (UFSM)
Antonio Serra (IFCE)
Autran Macedo (UFU)
Benhur de Oliveira Stein (UFSM)
Celso Maciel da Costa (PUCRS)
Cristiano André da Costa (UNISINOS)
Eduardo Todt (C3SL-UFPR)
Ewerton Longoni Madruga (INMETRO)
Fábio Kon (IME-USP)
Fernando Santos Osório (ICMC-USP)
Frank Siqueira (UFSC)
Gaspare Bruno (UNILASALLE)
Gerson Geraldo Homrich Cavalheiro (UFPel)
Giovanni Cordeiro Barroso (UFC)
Hisham Hashem Muhammad (
João Cesar Netto (UFRGS)
José Carlos Maldonado (ICMC-USP)
José Ramos Gonçalves (UFC)
Jussara Issa Musse (UFRGS)
Leonardo Lemes Fagundes (UNISINOS)
Leu Cheuk Lung (UFSC)
Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville (UFRGS)
Lucas Ferrari de Oliveira (UFPel)
Luciano Paschoal Gaspary (UFRGS)
Luciano Porto Barreto (UFBA)
Marcelo Finger (CCSL-IME-USP)
Márcio Eduardo Delamaro (ICMC-USP)
Marcos Castilho (C3SL-UFPR)
Marilton Sanchotene de Aguiar (UCPel)
Mario Dantas (UFSC)
Noemi Rodriguez (PUCRio)
Patrícia Kayser Vargas Mangan (UNILASALLE)
Paulyne Matthews Jucá (CESAR e UFPE)
Regina Borges de Araujo (UFSCar)
Rejane Frozza (UNISC)
Renata Galante (UFRGS)
Roberto Pinto Souto (CRS-INPE)
Rodrigo Araújo Real (Esteves & Salvador Ltda.)
Roland Teodorowitsch (ULBRA)
Ronaldo Fernandes Ramos (IFCE)
Silvio Cesar Cazella (UNISINOS)

ATTENTION: This is the Call for Papers for WSL (a scientific Workshop that takes place in FISL) and NOT to the presentations. The Call for submissions of lecture presentations proposals is available at the Call for Works page. There is no direct relation between the due dates for FISL presentations and scientific articles of WSL (WSL has longer submission periods because it takes articles with higher number of pages, according to the standards of the scientific community).

This page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and will be modified in the following weeks. Stay tuned and come back for news!

Organizing Committee
10th Internacional Free Software Forum
24th, 25th, 26th and 27th of June / 2009
Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil