Group registration

23/05/2018 00:05:32 por alineperes

FISL encourages you to attend the event as a group! Groups of at least 6 people, that register together for the event, qualify for promotional tickets. Besides the ticket for its’ sponsor, which will be the “leader” of the group.

Groups from the from the Porto Alegre metropolitan area shall have at least ten (10) people so the leader can have access to the  special ticket code for registration


What does the leader have to do?

He or she must register the busload, by means of the event’s registration system, managing the registration so the other participants can also register and provide the payment of their tickets.

After registering, the leader must invite other people, and accept invitations through the system.

For the leader to receive his or her promo ticket it is necessary that 5 other people (or 9 in the case of Porto Alegre) in the busload provide the payment for their ticket. When all that is ok, the leader’s promo ticket gets released.

Doubts about group registration?

Get in touch through caravanas ARROBA asl PONTO org PONTO br